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Playoffs for Open, Women's, and Seniors Australian Teams

The Playoffs for the Open, Women's, and Seniors Australian Teams for 2022 will be held concurrently at the Canberra Rex Hotel from Monday 18 April (Easter Monday) to Saturday 23 April 2022. As previously advised the Mixed playoff will not be held.

The playoff dates have been moved to April due to the WA border closure changes making it likely that attendance by WA players will not be feasible in early March. There were also issues in securing a suitable space at the Rex in the March timeframe.

At this stage it is hoped that COVID travel restrictions and case numbers in mid-April will allow the event to be held in a face-to-face (F2F) environment. If WA players cannot attend, then those matches involving WA Players will be held online from a supervised venue in Perth with terminals at the Rex.

If the event cannot be held F2F in Canberra, then the playoffs will move online utilising the 18 April to 23 April dates. In the advent of an online tournament players will be required to attend and play from supervised venues in each state or territory.


An updated full table of PQPs leading to Open, Women's and Seniors Playoffs for 2022 Australian teams is provided on the PQP page.

WBF Updates:

The WBF have announced changed dates for the postponed the 2021 World Bridge Teams. The new dates are 27th March to 9th April. Refer announcement WBTC_1stInfoLetter.pdf (worldbridge.org) .

Noting this change, and for the avoidance of doubt the TC and the Board confirm our previous decision regarding Australian Teams i.e. the current Australian teams' tenure be extended to the end of March 2022 and include the revised World Bridge Teams dates.

The TC and the Board reaffirm our previous announcement regarding uncertainty regarding travel requirements and if ABF will be able to send representative teams. Any Board approval of travel and participation together with any offer to the teams will be considered closer to the proposed dates for events.

 • Purpose of the Playoffs

The primary purpose of the Playoffs is to select the Australian Women's, Senior and Mixed Teams for the next year. By entering either Playoff, all players declare that they are available and intend to represent Australia in any Target Event/s if they qualify.

Participation and performance in the Playoffs are also major criteria in deciding to whom the ABF offers the opportunity to represent Australia in any other (non-target) representative events that may arise in that year.

All players who enter the Playoff must be eligible to play for Australia as per the ABF's Eligibility to represent Australia Policy, and be eligible for any Target Events as per their eligibility codes.

 • Format

Entry to the Open, Women's and Seniors playoffs to be 12 pairs based on Open, Women's and Seniors PQPs.

 • Venue

Canberra Rex Hotel, 150 Northbourne Ave, Braddon, ACT

 • Fees and Subsidies

The entry fee for the Open, Women's and Seniors Playoffs is $360 per player including GST. Players U25 (born in 1997 or later) will pay 50% of the players entry fee. However, player subsidies will be given which will result in a payment to players with the exception of those from Canberra and Sydney.

When entries are confirmed entry fees from players from Canberra and Sydney must be paid via MyABF by 6.00 pm AEST on Monday 11 April 2022.

Table of Player Payments or Fees

You come from Entry fee (per player) Per player subsidy You receive* You pay
Perth 360 820 460 0
Adelaide/Hobart 360 570 210 0
Melbourne 360 440 80 0
Brisbane/Gold Coast 360 510 150 0
Sydney 360 280 0 80
Canberra 360 0 0 360

*In the case of youth players an additional payment of $180 will added to the figures in this column.

Supported Tournament.
World Bridge Series in Wroclaw Poland, 19 August - 3 September 2022

The top 3 placegetters are eligible to receive a subsidy if they attend the World Bridge Series in Poland and play one event as a pair (either pairs or teams event).
First - $3,000 for the pair plus entry fee for one event;
Second - $2,000 for the pair plus entry for one event; and
Third - $1,000 for the pair plus entry fee for one event.
In addition, each pair will be subsidised for the cost of the entry fee to one event.

 • Contacts

Tournament Organiser
Roy Nixon
0423 043 220

For further information contact Laurie Kelso and Matthew McManus