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Download the standard ABF Appeals form (uploaded August 2014).

View the ABF Appeals regulations (on ABF web site).

View the ABF Appeals page (on ABF web site).

Appeals Reports

The ABF, concerned for both quality of decisions and a transparency of rulings, aims to provide coverage of the appeals in which the ABF Tournament Unit, as administrative body and its Directors have been involved. (See Guidelines below in relation to publication of Appeals Results.)

Recent appeal reports can be found on the ABF web site Appeals page.

See also

ABF Guidelines for Publication of Appeals Results

On the basis that it is desirable that the Australian Bridge Federation move to publish an outline of the appeals decisions at ABF tournaments and recognising that there are potential legal liabilities that demand that these reports should be checked most thoroughly before such publication, these guidelines are proposed:

  1. Appeals reports should be published in a block from time to time and not individually.
  2. Appeals reports should include, if possible:
    1. the date and name of the event;
    2. the name of the director;
    3. the names of the members of the appeals committee;
    4. the record of the hand and the bidding with explanations;
    5. an indication of any other relevant circumstances such as whether screens or bidding boxes are in use;
    6. the table result;
    7. the Tournament Director's Report and decision;
    8. the arguments of the appellant's and respondents
    9. a brief indication of the discussions of the Appeals Committee;
    10. an indication of the decision of the Appeals Committee.
  3. Appeals reports must not include the names of the players, teams or captains.
  4. Appeals reports must not include any editorial comment on the personal styles or characteristics of the players involved.
  5. It is desirable to have the appeals reports checked by the General Counsel.