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ABF Swiss Pairs VP Scale (2019) The ABF developed a set of VP Scales to use for imp-scored Swiss Pairs events, as an alernative to using the WBF Scales. ABF VP Scale for Swiss Pairs (PDF).
WBF Law Committee minutes The WBFLC meets annually and issues clarifications about aspects of the laws of bridge. The latest published minutes are for the October 2011 meeting at Veldhoven, The Netherlands. See WBF Laws Committee minutes.
WBF Laws web site International Code Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007. This is the latest edition, which came into effect as of January 2008. There's also a link to Code Laws for Electronic (Online) Duplicate Bridge, the laws that govern on-line bridge. See WBF Laws pages.
General commentary on laws Reg Busch's Club Director course notes - covers laws, movement and scoring at an introductory level Download PDF from QBA web site (77 pages).
ABF Regulations Covers ABF Tournament Regulations, System Regulations, Screen Regulations, Alerting Regulations Written Bidding and Bidding Box Regulations and Appeal Regulations. (Note that individual states may also have their own regulations that apply to their events.) Available on ABF web site Regulations page
Zone 7 Laws Interpretation The 2007 Laws of Duplicate Bridge provide for the Regulating Authority (i.e. the ABF/NZ Bridge) to select certain Law options and to regulate their usage within its geographical region. Regulating Authorities are further permitted to provide regional interpretation and guidance as to the application of such options and regulations. This document below contains a joint ABF / NZ Bridge interpretation of those Laws. See ABF web site
WBF Regulations pages Covering Laws, Rules & Regulations, Tournament Directing, Systems, Appeals and other areas. See WBF Regulations page
EBU web site - Laws and Ethics English Bridge Union's Las and Ethics pages EBU web site
QBA Commentary on the Laws Contains comments and explanations on various laws. QBA web site
Commentary on introduction of 2007 Laws - Arie Geursen Arie Geursen has prepared a presentation of Interpretations, Regulations and Guidance to the 2007. This has many practical examples. Download PDF
Commentary on introduction of 2007 Laws - Ton Kooijman Useful commentary on the 2007 Laws prepared by Ton Kooijman, Chairman of the WBF Laws Committee. This has lots of examples of applications of the laws. Download PDF
Laws of bridge using flowcharts We have received permission to publish Laval Du Breuil's Flow Charts covering the Laws of Bridge. These are a great aid for the less experienced directors having to make rulings on those tricky and less common occurrences such as a bid out of turn. There are 38 flow charts in the document, each annotated with further law references where applicable. Download PDF
Laws of bridge A4 wall posters There are 28 law tips in the series in a format that's ideal for club notice boards or a rotating "Law of the week" display. These were developed by Peter Busch. Sunshine Coast Bridge Club web site