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All matches will be broadcast on the RealBridge Kibitz server. (30 minute delay for the Qualifying, slower table for the Finals)

The Australian Interstate Teams is to be held online on the RealBridge platform. The dates are unchanged from the originally rescheduled days.
- Qualifying: Monday to Thursday, November 8-11
- Final: Thursday to Friday, November 11-12.

The format will be unchanged except that matches in the Qualifying will be over 12 boards instead of 16. The reason for this is that time differences across the country mean that there is a shorter period available each day when it would be reasonable to expect competitors to be able to play.

The event will be played on the RealBridge online platform using Screens Mode. Every player must use a device with audio-visual capabilities, and may only disconnect the camera during a match after obtaining permission from the Director. Further information on RealBridge and Screens Mode will be provided in due course. RealBridge practice sessions will be made available to players in the weeks leading up to the event.

There is no requirement for States to organise centralised supervision of players.

PQPs will be allocated in applicable events at a rate of one half of the original awards.

Log in to My ABF to enter the Australian Butler Pairs, 13-16 November 2021.