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2016 Australian Seniors' and Women's Playoffs

QT Canberra • 12-17 March 2016

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 • Latest News

The finals of the Seniors' and Women's Playoffs will be broadcast on BBO on Wednesday and Thursday.

The first match for all divisions will commence at 10.00 am on Saturday, March 12.

The venue for the Seniors' & Women's Playoffs has changed to the QT Canberra. As Parliament is sitting during the Playoffs bookings for accommodation should be made as soon as possible.

All pairs entering the 2016 Playoffs are required to submit a convention card produced on the ABF Standard System Card PDF form. Cards produced by any other method will not be accepted.

Entries to the Seniors' & Women's Playoffs open on Friday 12 February 2016 and close at 6.00pm AEDT on Thursday 18 February 2016.

 • Venue

QT Canberra, 1 London Circuit Canberra. 
Note. There have been no arrangements for discounted accommodation rates with the QT Canberra. The rate displayed on the map below is a function of Google.

 • Parking

Park over the bridge for $10 per day or across the road for about $20 a day. Pre-paid parking tickets can be purchased for the carpark over the bridge via this website: www.rego.act.gov.au/parking/pre-paid-longstay-parking-tickets

 • Fees

  • If there is one division only, the entry fee will be $1620 per team. If eight or more entries are received and there are two divisions, the entry fee will be $1620 for Division One teams, and $640 for Division Two teams.
  • Entry fees must be paid by direct deposit into the ABF Account (BSB: 082968; A/C: 641482644) by the close of business on Monday 22 February 2016.

 • Subsidies

The ABF will be giving Playoff participants needing to travel to Canberra, subsidies to assist with their travel costs. Eligible players will have a choice of a higher subsidy amount in the form of a credit with Flight Centre, or a lower cash amount. NOTE: The Flight Centre credits do not have to be used for travel to the Playoffs. They may be used for any air travel, hotel accommodation or car hire within Australia.

For those participants that would prefer a cash subsidy, the ABF will pay the full subsidy amounts below less 10% but ONLY where participants inform the ABF of this preference on or before 16 February by email to secretariat@abf.com.au. Otherwise they must utilise the subsidy via Flight Centre. Cash subsidies will be paid on or around the 25 February by direct bank transfer into a nominated bank account.

The subsidy amounts are based on:

1. Cheapest discounted economy flight to Canberra PLUS
2.  Fully flexible economy return flight from Canberra to place of origin.

(This will allow players who are eliminated from the competition after 3 or 4 days or remain in the competition longer than expected to change their flight without further cost.)

The amounts below will be credited to the ABF's account with Flight Centre, Dickson, ACT on Tuesday 23 February (the third business day after entries close) for all confirmed participants. From that day, participants may contact Flight Centre Dickson ACT to make their travel bookings. Contact details are below.

Origin Full Subsidy Cash Subsidy (-10%)
Perth $920 $795
Adelaide $630 $570
Hobart $630 $570
Melbourne $490 $440
Gold Coast $560 $505
Brisbane $560 $505
Canberra $0
Sydney $300 $270

Flight Centre Contact Details:

Call (02) 6230 0352

OR use the following email address:

Email stacey.jackson@flightcentre.com.au.

 • Format

The formats for the Australian Senior and Women's Team Selection Playoffs will be similar to 2015. These proposed formats will be available on the Playoff website soon. Feedback will be invited.

 • Target

The target event for the Australian Open, Women's and Senior Teams is the 2016 World Bridge Games which will be staged in Wroclaw, Poland, from 3 - 17 September at the Hala Stulecia, or Centennial Hall.

For the Mixed Teams the ABF will invite mixed pairs to express interest in forming an Australian representative team. The closing date will be 31 March 2016. Players qualified for the 2016 Open, Women’s or Senior teams will be ineligible. See World Bridge Games 2016 and Would you like to represent Australia in the World Mixed Teams? for more details.

 • Regulations

Supplementary Regulations (March 5, 2016)

Any player or official who accepts a position in an international team is deemed to be aware of the document below and have accepted and agreed to abide by its contents.

International Representative Players Charter

All persons participating in target WBF events must comply with all of the WBF's codes and regulations.

 • Contact

For further information contact Laurie Kelso and Matthew McManus

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