PQP Events for the 2024 Australian Open and Mixed Team Playoffs

PQPs leading to the playoffs for the 2024 Australian Open and Mixed Teams commence with the 2023 Playoffs held in 2022 and finish with the 2023 Spring Nationals.


  1. The PQPs displayed here are used in the entries for the playoffs to calculate the team's combined PQPs. Please contact the webmaster at to report any issues or discrepancies with those published at www.abf.com.au/masterpoints-and-pqps/playoff-qualifying-points/.
  2. Only players eligible for PQPs are included.
  3. Open PQPs are not transferred to the Mixed, however mixed pairs that meet the board rule and place in a concurrent Open PQP event will receive the PQPs equivalent to the placing in the Mixed event.
  4. Pairs who have satisfied the PQP board rule and have played a designated number of stanzas together in each stage of an event earn a PQP Partnership Bonus.