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ANC Open Teams Trophy

The Management Committee of the ABF is presently reviewing the condition and names of some of its trophies to ensure they remain appropriate. Arising from this review, it is pleased to announce that from 2008 the trophy presented to the winning Open Team for the Australian National Championships has been named “The Denis Howard Trophy”.

Denis was a past President of the ABF from 1982 – 1986, World Bridge Federation President from 1986 – 1991, Founding Editor of Australian Bridge Magazine, Founding convener of the National Open Teams, represented Australia in 5 World Championships and was on the winning NSW team at the ANC 12 times from 1959 to 1975.

In appropriate recognition of his contribution to Australian Bridge, the Management Committee considers that it is fitting that his name be associated with the prestigious title of the winner of the ANC Open Teams.

There may be other changes to ABF trophies arising from this review.