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Entries for the Open Playoff will open on Thursday, 26 October 2023 and close 18:00  AEDT, Friday, 3 November 2023.
Please note that entries are limited to the top 8 teams.

Before entering please ensure that all members of the team entering the playoff conform to and accept the conditions of entry as listed below.

Conditions of Entry

  • On entry, teams must nominate as either 2 or 3 pairs. These pairs will be defined as Nominated Pairs. A Nominated Pair must play in partnership for at least 50% of the stanzas in every match played. Provided a system card has been submitted in accordance with Section 5 of the Supplementary Regulations, alternative partnerships will be permitted.
  • All players in the pair must be eligible to play for Australia as per the ABF's Eligibility to represent Australia Policy. They must also comply with the conditions of eligibility set forth in the WBF's Eligibility Code.
  • All players in the team declare their availability to represent Australia in the Target Event.
  • At the time of entry, each Australian resident entrant must be a financial member of the ABF Masterpoint Scheme and of an organisation affiliated to the ABF or to an Australian State Bridge Association.
  • Once a player is entered in a team he/she is prohibited from withdrawing and entering in another team.
  • By entering, the team, if accepted, becomes liable for the entry fee, regardless of whether they actually participate.
  • By entering, the team undertakes to abide by the General and Supplementary regulations for the tournament.

System cards must be submitted to this website via the Upload ABF Convention Card utility prior to Monday, 6 November 2023.

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If there are any issues with the entry process please contact the webmaster at .