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PQP Player Report Utility - displays details of all of the events for which you received PQPs in 2012.

Players are requested to check their PQP allocations carefully and report any problems to .

2013 Open and Women's Playoffs

Dates: Saturday to Thursday, December 8-13, 2012

Tournament Organiser: Sean Mullamphy

Venue : Coogee Bay Hotel

Youth Players

Any player who is eligible to be a member of the ABF Youth Club in any year (even if he/she is not) is entitled to a 50% reduction in the fees payable to enter any stage of the Open/Women Playoffs.

2013 Open and Women's Playoffs Championship Website

2013 Seniors' Playoff

Dates: Wednesday to Sunday,  February 13-17, 2013

Tournament Organiser: Sean Mullamphy

Venue : Souths on Chalmers, 265 Chalmers Street, Redfern

2013 Seniors' Playoff Championship Website

2014 Playoffs

The ABF is calling for comments on the timing of the 2014 Playoffs to select the Australian Open, Women's and Senior Teams.

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WBF Codes and Regulations

Teams entering the playoffs should be aware of the following codes and regulations which apply to players participating in WBF events.


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