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Dick Cummings Blue Ribbon Pairs 2000, Nov. 11-12


Winners of the 2000 Dick Cummings Blue Ribbon Pairs, Ishmael Del'Monte and Peter Gill


The winners of the 2000 Dick Cummings Pairs, with members of the Cummings' family and the Plaque to commemorate Dick Cummings' entry into the ABF Committee of Honour, with ABF President Keith McDonald. From left to right, Michael Cummings, Ishmael Del'Monte, Peter Gill, Patricia Back, Geoff Cummings, Keith McDonald and Catherine Cummings (front).

Download the Brochure , which includes entry form
(PDF format - will need Acrobat Reader - see below)

Entries can be viewed from our Spring Nationals page.

Supplementary Regulations (4/11) (PDF format - will need Acrobat Reader - see below)

This event is run in conjunction with the Spring Nationals.

Press release - June 19, 2000

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